Processed with Rookie Cam Processed with VSCO with f2 preset“You have been assigned this darkness on this planet of your life, in this time of your life, for the sake of the planet’s life. It is a moment to experience the difference and make a difference. When times are dark, you are here to be light, and in the moments of light, you are here to enjoy. In the face of the current danger and darkness, you are a warrior of accuracy, not violence. In the face of current ignorance and folly, you are a scholar without judgement. In the face of the joy and light at the core of your being, remind yourself who you are being. For you are a master and prophet in a world of greed and profit; you are the bearer of miracles and masterpieces and it is time to stop preforming them in the backyard of your life..

Move out onto this world stage of making a difference. You are not alone, it is a giant game of tag.” –Golden Temple

Kerrin McTernan is currently a senior at Keene State College where she focuses on her passions through the study of secondary education and American studies. She believes the construction of knowledge relies on interdisciplinary and intersectional analysis, and in every experience she is relentless in her search for learning moments. In her free time she is thinking, skiing, and mountain biking.


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