Big Wheels Keep on Turning…

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“Whom do we work for? What is our work, and most importantly, what world does it create?” – Kara Q. Smith “Art + Citizenship”

“Whatever you do, what’s powerful about art is that it’s ambiguous. It’s something that has multiple values in different moments and contexts.”

“It seems that art as social practice is in certain situations aiming to be at this vantage point, where you can see all these different things and make the connections between them, and use expertise from these different fields to comment on all of them.”

-Pablo Helguera “Interview with Pablo Helguera”


“Democracy as compared with other ways of life is the sole way of living which believes wholeheartedly in the process of experience as end and as means; as that which is capable of generating the science which is the sole dependable authority for the direction of further experience and which releases emotions, needs and desires so as to call into being the things that have not existed in the past. For every way of life that fails in its democracy limits the contacts, the exchanges, the communications, the interactions by which experience is steadied while it is also enlarged and enriched. The task of this release and enrichment is one that has to be carried on day by day. Since it is one that can have no end till experience itself comes to an end, the task of democracy is forever that of creation of a freer and more humane experience in which all share and to which all contribute.”- John Dewey Creative Democracy – The Task Before Us” in John Dewey and The Promise of America